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I choose only one but now I don't accept human type. (like animal monster machine etc Okay)
You can give your information of request in this comment.

Slot : :iconoshiz:
I will choose to do only one.
feel free to ask and you can tell your request suddenly in this comment or note. 

Slot : :iconderpybunnies:  finished
I will accept only one.
feel free to ask *-*

:iconrokudessa: : Finished
Open Request 1 slot (Closed)

Slot : :iconmiiachuu: : Finished

One Character and low detailed BG or not. Digital Art

Please give me all your requirements or references.
Because if there are more one who ask me for request. I will choose that I would like to do.

I may change any rules and I will do request when I say accept it.

PS. Sorry if my English is bad.
At first, I decide to accept one but there are 2 requests in nearly time.
So I think accept two =w= (Works may be little doodle sorry for forgot to write in journal at first =w= )

:iconseraphim-chan: : finished
:iconnic-chii: : finished

Now, Request are closed.

Thank you for everyone.
Today, My Deviantart has 1000 pageviews.
Incidentally, I open requests 5 Slots.

You can to try ask me anything that you want. I will try to answer your question.

1. :iconminoraspatchworkart: Finished
2. :iconmegamoviemonday: Finished
3. :iconkingofe3: Finished
4. :icondarksoniaexorsus: Finished
5. :iconlunamoth19: Finished

Example of my work:

Super High quaility(I quess so because I used a lot of time.)
OniBlade by kokororhythm  Shinobu by kokororhythm

High quality
Green life light by kokororhythm  Aty by kokororhythm

Rough work
Oni Redmoon [speed paint] by kokororhythm  practice speed paint by kokororhythm

Old Request
For GazeRei by kokororhythm  For KazuChi-2225 by kokororhythm  For EunikeDarkSoul by kokororhythm  For dianute33 by kokororhythm  For BrotherlyFluff by kokororhythm

And you can find others in my gallery [link]


I think I may open paypal Commissions after I clear these Request.

PS: Sorry If my English is bad.
Now Requests are closed. *0*
I would like to try to create the art from your requests.
I can create traditional art and digital art.


Traditional art (painted by water color)
Twin Alice by kokororhythm  For Yo Hana by kokororhythm

Digital art (line art from ink)
Jinouga Hunter by kokororhythm  Dual Night by kokororhythm

Digital art (create all by SAI)
miku by kokororhythm  Sky Angel by kokororhythm

Please tell me that you wish to me draw traditional art or digital art (or up to me).
And you can tell me gestures of characters that you wish.
It 's good if you can give short and clear discription and reference images.

This is first opening requests of me and my English is fairly
You can to try ask me anything that you want. I will try to answer your question.

Every art will receive 300dpi large image. But I will submit resolution for web.
If you want the high-resolution image. note or message me your email.

1. :iconbrotherlyfluff: Finished
2. :iconmiiachuu: Finished
3. :iconvilyuubi: Finished
4. :iconkazuchi-2225: Finished
5. :icongazerei: Finished